Top 10 Crazy Music Myths

Did Ozzy bite a bat's head off? Is Manson Paul from The Wonder Years? Find out inside

We've all heard it before: "My best friend's uncle who works as a janitor at the {insert rocker's name here}'s sister's school told me that.." and then a bunch of nonsense spews out. Today, we're taking a look at 10 of the most absurd, outrageous, and improbable rock myths and see whether they're true or not.


Elvis, Tupac, Cobain, and other musicians are Alive On a Secret Island


These myths tend to pop up often, especially with musicians who died young. Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Tupac Shakur, Aaliyah, and anyone else who is believed to be living on the secret island is unfortunately dead. Most of the rumors are sparked by hopeful fans who don't want to give up their idols, or by people confusing look alikes as seen in the picture below.


Marilyn Manson / Prince removed a pair of ribs to be able to perform self-fellatio


Originally, this myth started with Prince but later it was believed that Marilyn Manson partook in a operation to remove his ribs in order to be able to give himself a blowjob. The fact that there are two artists in this rumor should be a clear indication that it's false. Marilyn has also gone on record and said that he never underwent such an absurd operation but we're sure he's thought about it...who hasn't?


Jack White and Meg White are brother and sister


This one actually started by Jack White, who originally claimed that he and Meg White were siblings during the early days of The White Stripes. The reality is that Jack White and Meg White are not related at all. They were married for a while but divorced many albums ago. Jack, born Jack Gillis, took Meg's last name during the marriage and decided to keep it following their split.


Keith Richards smoked his father's ashes


During an interview with NME, Keith Richards made claim that he once snorted his father's ashes. He would later rectify the statement to say that he used part of the ashes to fertilize an oak tree. Richards added that he would never do cocaine again, unless he wished to commit suicide. Did he burn down the oak tree and smoke it? That remains to be seen.


Paul McCartney is dead


In January 1967, Paul McCartney was in a car accident that didn't kill him; however, shortly after, rumors spread that Paul had died, and that he was replaced by a look-alike. Many "clues" that he was dead surfaced following the incident. These ranged from mysterious lyrics in The Beatles songs when played backwards ("turn me on, dead man" in Revolution 9), to cover art of Abbey Road being a funeral procession--John (in white) is the preacher, Ringo (in black) is the mourner, George (in jeans) is the gravedigger, and Paul is the corpse. Paul is not only alive and well but he will also be opening the Olympic Games with Ringo in London in 2012.

Only five more myths to go. Keep on reading to see who tops the list.


The singer of Don't Worry, Be Happy killed himself


Don't worry, be happy; Bobby McFerrin is still alive, kicking it, and apparently ready to form a supergroup in 2012. This rumor began several years ago as an ironic joke and resurfaces from time to time. On a similar yet more tragic note, Felix Powell, who gained fame for singing the World War 1 marching song Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag and Smile, Smile, Smile," commited suicide during World War 2.


Keith Richards had a blood transfusion to sober up


It's true, Keith Richards did indeed tell a journalist that he went to Switzerland and had his blood changed in an effort to sober up. He then later denied the whole thing claiming that he was just messing around and sick of answering the question. Keith got the idea from Marshall Chess who claims to have gone through an operation similar to that in Mexico. We're unsure as to whether or not this is even medically possible, but we can safely say that Keith Richards never underwent such a surgery.


Lady Gaga is a Hermaphrodite


A few years back, footage was recorded of Lady Gaga getting off a motorcycle at a concert and revealing that she had a penis. Gaga went on record later on claiming that her dick was actually a strap on and that she had planned the whole thing, from her manly maneurisms onstage to the intentional lower range in her vocals.


Marilyn Manson is Paul from The Wonder Years


This one dates back all the way to Christmas 1996. Young innocent boy turns into derranged rock star would make for great headlines but alas, Marilyn Manson (real name: Brian Warner) and Paul Pfeiffer (real name Josh Saviano) are actually two different people. To this day, Josh still receives the occasional e-mail asking him if he's both Kevin Arnold's best friend and the Antichrist Superstar.


Ozzy Osbourne bit off a bat's head on stage


We needed one of the myths to be true. Ozzy Osbourne actually did bite the head off a bat during a live performance. Is he batshit insane for doing it? Not really. Ozzy thought the bat was plastic and sunk his teeth into a real, uncouncious bat, by accident. He was rushed to the hospital for rabbies shots right after.

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